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There is a reason why the YMCA is referred to as America’s Favorite Swim Instructor.  At the YMCA of Metro North we offer swim lessons for infants to seniors in a fun supportive environment!  In addition to swimming lessons we offer water fitness classes, open swim times, open lap times, a lifeguard training program and a competitive swim team program. Class sizes vary depending on the participants age and level of comfort in the water.   For more information call 978-977-YMCA.

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» Pool Schedule for a full list of open lap and open swim times!
» Swim Levels that fit your child’s learning needs!
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Winter Session: January 4 – February 28

Registration Dates:
Member Online Registration: November 30
Member Walk-In Registration: December 4
Non-Member Online Registration: December 10
Non-Member Walk-In Registration: December 11

Aquatics Quick Check

We take pool safety seriously and work hard every day to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to all of our members. Please take a moment to complete our online aquatics survey below and provide your prompt feedback regarding your pool experience today.




Safety First: Swim Band Policies



Red and Green wristbands will help our lifeguards spot those swimmers that might be floating a little too far from a safe spot. Please visit your local YMCA and ask a lifeguard if you can take the swim test!

Swim Safety Policies YMCA Metro North

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to learn to swim or improve stroke techniques. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. To register, fill out a request form at the Welcome Center. You will be contacted when a slot becomes available. Private lessons are available for members only.
Private Lessons
1 class: $40    4 classes: $140    6 classes: $180
Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 swimmers)
1 class: $60    4 classes: $220    6 classes: $300

Specialty Swim Classes

Lifeguard Boot Camp (Ages 15 and up)  » Register

This class is geared for those who would like to become a lifeguard but need help getting into shape for the prerequisite physical exam. This 7 week course will build up your stamina to swim 500 yards, retrieve items from the bottom of the pool, and build your strength for you to assist any size victim. Class format will be both Dry land and Aquatic training. Minimum requirements for class must be able to swim 25 yards and lift a minimum of 25 lbs.

Babysitting & Junior Lifeguard Program (Ages 11-14)  » Register

Designed for students ages 11 and older, this training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly care for infants and children up to the age of 10, as well as to manage a babysitting business. Are you interested in lifeguarding – but not quite old enough yet? This course is designed to give 10 to 14 year olds a sneak peek into what it takes to become a great lifeguard. The combination of these two trainings, will make you a more confident sitter as well as one of the most trustworthy employees in town! Topics for this combo class will cover First Aid, Choking, CPR, Medical emergencies, diapering, spoon feeding and Water Safety and more! Digital certificate available upon successful completion of course for both Babysitting& and Jr. Lifeguarding. Participants must be able to swim 100 yards (4 lengths of the pool) to be eligible for the Jr. Lifeguard Component.

Parent/Child Swim

Parent/ Child 1 (6-18 months w/parent)   » Register

Parents learn water safety, holds and towing techniques that encourage basic kicking/pulling and water independence for children. Swim diaper must be worn. Class length is 30 minutes.

Parent/ Child 2 (19 – 36 months w/parent)  » Register

Toddlers are introduced to submerging, kicking and pulling combinations,floating and swimming without flotation. Swim diaper must be worn for children not potty trained. Class length is 30 minutes.

Parent/ Child 2/3 » Register


Parent/ Child 3 (3 – 4 years)  » Register

The final step in our Parent/Child series. In addition to beginner swimming, basic water adjustment and safety skills will also be introduced. In this class children learn to love the water and prepare to be independent to join our preschool swimming classes without an adult.

Skippers (2.9 – 4 years)  » Register

This class will help transition students o being in a full Pike class. Parents are not required to be in the pool, though may join in to help with transition on instructors recommendation.

Preschool Swim

Pike  » Register

This class is for children who have little or no water experience or a fear of the water. This level helps children develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water, and develop independent movement. Kicking, floating, reaching, shoulder bobbing and jumping are taught. The child’s bubble will be fully inflated.

Eel  » Register

Flotation based introduction to the major 4 swimming stroke. Class includes diving skills and opportunities to practice swimming without flotation. Pre-requisite: Able to paddle independently, float on their back with a flotation device and put face under the water. Children will have a level 3 bubble.

Ray  » Register

Learn rotary breathing and improve stamina for swimming strokes. Class goal is to eliminate flotation completely and swim independently. Swimmers bubbles should be no more than a level 2 bubble. Pre-requisite: Able to swim 10 feet or more without flotation and fully submerge their head.

Star Fish  » Register

Introduction to front crawl with alternating arm recovery, rhythmic breathing and combined stroke on back will be taught. Children can swim a length of the pool on their front and back at the end of this level. Pre requisite: Swimmer must be able to swim the width of 3 lanes without flotation. Bubbles will not be allowed in this class.

Youth Swim Lessons

Polliwog  » Register

This class is for the child who has little or no experience. Jumping, bobbing, floating kicking and gliding will be introduced, along with reaching, pulling and breathing control as the child becomes independent of the flotation devices. A bubble or noodle may be used for flotation.

Guppy  » Register

Swimmers must swim half the length of the pool without assistance and submerge their face in the water to enter this class. They are introduced to the
basics of the major four swim strokes in addition to rotary breathing.

Minnow  » Register

Swimmers must swim 1 length of front crawl with rhythmic breathing and 1 length of backstroke to enter this class. The children refine the lead up strokes they have learned as their strokes become more developed.

Fish » Register

These swimmers can swim 2 lengths of each stroke: Front Crawl, Back Crawl, and Rudimentary Breastroke. They should have a concept of the Breastroke kick.

Pre-Team Fins Program (4-12 yrs)  » Register

These classes are designed for swimmers who are interested in learning the skills needed for competitive swimming. The focus of the Fins Swim Program will be on stroke development, technique, and racing starts and turns. This class is perfect for those who are not quite ready for swim team, but enjoy working in a team environment. Swimmers should be able to swim one length of the pool freestyle and backstroke & tread for at least 1 minute. Swimmers should own their own pair of flippers and goggles.


Learn To Dive (6+ years)  » Register

Diving in head first can be a challenge but when you get it right, it’s so much fun! Take some time to work on just that skill. Progress to head first dives off the starting block and diving board. With practice you might even start to learn the basics of competitive diving! Also great for swim team kids looking to conquer their start dives for meets! Participants must be able to swim the length of the pool without aide to participate.

Springboard Diving (7+ years)  » Register

Learn the basics of competitive diving. Students will practice approaches, forward and back jumps in straight, pike and tuck body positions, and forward and back dives. In this class participants must be able to pass the deep water test and do a forward dive from the side of the pool.

Advanced Springboard Diving (11+ years)  » Register

This class is for divers who have been promoted from the beginner class or high school divers who want to perfect their advanced skills. Instructor recommendation is required. Class length is 1 hour.

Teen & Adult Swim

Teen Swim Lessons (12+ yrs)  » Register

A beginner’s class for teens who have never taken swim lessons to build confidence in the water.

Adult Beginner Swim Lessons (17+ yrs)  » Register

Don’t have much practice swimming but want to build your skills? We’ll make improving your swim skills easy for you. This is the place to start for adults who don’t have a lot of prior swimming experience. Participants will become more confident in the water and will learn the fundamentals of swimming and aquatic safety.

Adult Stroke Development (17+ yrs)  » Register

Develop basic swim strokes and use swimming as a source of fitness. This class can also be used to start triathlon training for the summer. It is recommended that participants have taken beginner swim lessons before enrolling in stroke development.

Swim Fit (Master’s Swim) » Register

This program provides workouts for triathletes and fitness swimmers. This class will aim to meet everyone’s needs. All levels encouraged to participate.

Certification Classes

Lifeguard Training (15 + yrs)

Students will be trained in the nationally recognized Red Cross Lifeguard Course including CPR, First Aid, 02 and AED. Certification is determined by successful completion of a comprehensive written exam and water test. Swimming skills are a prerequisite and attendance in all classes is mandatory. Participants must be at least 15 years old by the start of the session. For more information contact Katy Coffey at
Winter Session: Starting January 7
Thursdays: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
February Vacation Class: 2/15 – 2/18 from 10:30am – 5:00pm
Member: $300   Non-Member: $425

Red Cross Life Guard Re-Certification

This is a 4 hour review and testing to recertify for American Red Cross Life Guard, CPR/FA/AED and Optional Oxygen. Students should come to the review prepared and ready to show their skills. Certification must be current. Red Cross no longer accepts expired certification. View the current online manual for review.

February 18: 10:30am
February 25: 6:30pm
Member: $100    Non-Member: $150

Are you looking for a re-certification for a Y-USA Guarding Certificate? Speak with Katy Coffey to schedule a testing time –

American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course

Participants will learn to teach the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course and its accompanying components.

Lifeguard Instructor Prerequisites:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Hold current Red Cross certifications in: Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
  • Pass four rescue skill scenarios that test lifeguarding and CPR.
  • Pass the swimming prerequisites:
    • 300-yard swim using front crawl or breastroke (with head down and good kick)
    • 2-minute tread using legs only (arms must remain folded)
    • 20-yard swim, retrieval of 10 lb weight from 7-10 feet, return swim using legs only while holding the weight, and climb out of the pool in 100 seconds or less.

Upon successful course completion participants will receive American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor certification valid for 2 years.

January 30 – 31: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Member: $425    Non-Member: $500

CPR/FA/AED Classes

American Red Cross classes to teach basic lifesaving skills

January 19: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

January 23: 2:00pm (recertification – must have a valid Red Cross certification)

February 6: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

February 9: 7:00pm – 9:00pm (recertification – must have a valid Red Cross certification)
Members: $50   Non-Member: $75

Looking for a Re-Certification for a YUSA Guarding Certificate?

Contact Katy Coffey at to schedule a testing time
Family Member: $55   Youth Members: $105   Non-Member: $160


Water Fitness Classes

Water fitness classes are FREE FOR MEMBERS!   

» Download water fitness schedule 


Balance & Strength:

Low cardio class with a focus on joints and muscles strength. Prefect class for one with arthritis or physical therapy needs.

Aqua Jog –Shallow End:

A class for all ages and fitness levels. Music to move and groove by. Exercise that will leave you feeling like you have worked out from your head to your toes!

Power Splash:

High intensity workout while rocking to the beats of the oldies. Incorporates the use of weights and stretch.

Water Interval Motion:

You will find yourself counting out loud as you mix it up with intervals. Pre-and post workout stretch. You will be moving in the water to create a great resistant work out.

Zumba Gold– H2O:

This class is perfect for the active older adult, who hasn’t lost their groove. A modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love and also adds water for resistance!

Deep Water:

Full pool workouts to improve your balance and core strength. Rehab friendly & no stress on joints.

Strength & Conditioning:

A class for those looking to get back into fitness! This class works every muscle and will leave you feeling tone and fit.

Rapid Result:

This class, set to popular music, involves all muscle groups, and has a concentration on the core. Both young and old alike are perfect for this class.


Shallow water exercises that are low impact and target your whole body. Moderate cardio and element of stretch and balance.